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Are you looking for best Toronto web design company to help you set up your website?

Traffitise is a web design and development agency which helps person and businesses grow online from start to finish. We help the small and local enterprises of to take their business next level and achieve maximum success online. Here at Traffitise, we are the group of the experienced, skilled and creative web design experts (designers) who are always excited and dedicated to deliver you an exceptional result and create an easy, rewarding and fun experience.

We are creatively and technically expert designers who can turn your imagination into elegant codes and codes to mesmerizing reality which will be better in looks and functions than you have imagined. We design unique, working, elegant and responsive website for you that users can browse quickly through any types of devices. Moreover, we help you create the effective strategies, design, and launch. Also, we help you after the website is done, or if it gets some issues and fix it.

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Our Web Design & Marketing Services In Toronto

Web design:

Traffitise is full-service web agency. We design the creative, unique and professional website focusing your brand identity. We put our full mind and body power into creating something new and working strategies for you and implement it using our technically skilled mind. No matter any type of website you want or any type of business you run, our experts will research and analyze what you want and need by consistently listening, thinking, strategizing, and coding down. It’s always sure that design will be great that you imagine will be the reality. We are those web design company of Toronto, who can work hard for you until you get satisfied.

Custom Static:
For some who do not want their website look like others, we design completely custom coded and unique. All we create are uniquely by ourselves because we hate using the templates and copying. Our focus is on creating the design of graphics, elements, and styles specific to your brand.

If you want your site to be editable yourself, using CMS like WordPress, Drupal etc would be great. This makes easy for anyone to edit the simple things. But sometimes this often gets the errors which can be solved only if you have coding or technical skill. In that, you can remember us, our Toronto Web development team will help you.

Landing pages:
Landing pages are different than web pages. Its used with the specific goals of converting visitors into leads or selling them.

Do you want your visitors to take action like doing: email sign up, promote or buy your product?Well, we help create the landing pages that convert, with the converting copywriting and calls to actions focusing on achieving the goals and getting more leads as possible. Also, help promote it through social media and search engine advertising.

E-commerce / Online Store:
Do you want to sell your products online? Either manufacturing your own or being online retailer/wholesaler or being an affiliate. We are the web developers in Toronto, who can help you create custom or by using CMS like WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Shopify with required features like pictures, cart, advanced analytics and goal tracking.



Do you want some more function to simplify your day-to-day work through the development of software within your website?

First, let us know what function do you want, our developers and development experts are always ready to build any kind of tools and software you need. Just let us know, our experts will come to you with a bunch of ideas. Also, if you want to create browser extensions, CMS themes and plugins we are sure we can help you and improve business efficiency.



Do you want to grow your business online making better use of your website?

Because you have invested and paid others designing it. But if you made some effort on it there is a high chance of getting more in return.
SEO, PPC is the best tactics to use for the local and small business to get started. We help our clients with internet marketing and help them grow their business online and succeeded to achieve their goal.

In case your website gets into some problems like hacking, malware attacks, database errors, or it may be slow loading, redirect problems, security problem, CMS problem or something alike. These types activities of the website will lead your potential customers to close your website and search engines will drop ranking, and decrease your revenue too. For that, you will be needing the expert to fix that.



Do you want your website to be remade or redesigned?

You will want to change your whole website because it may be ugly, unresponsive, misfunctioning or other. But if your website is already ranking well or performing well, you may not want to do that because you think doing this will drop ranking. But here the thing is conversion, do you think if your website is looking ugly will it convert. We have experts to help you either to make some changes or design whole from scratch. As a Toronto SEO agency, we take care of your SEO.

Features of Our Website Designs

Customized design:

Cloning others designs and content is neither been our service. Every website we design and have designed are fully custom and unique which is specially designed just for you and no one other.


It will for sure include all the things that users need to make them engaged in enhancing colors, mobile friendliness, load times, content. Based on these things a user will decide whether to do things like share, comment, subscribe and buy or not.

Great design:

It’s sure that the site we design would be great looking, it is our passion and our goal is to satisfy you. Sometimes, the design you like may not efficient to visitors, or you won’t like it. In that case, we work further harder until you get satisfied. In some cases, banners, flashes may not work instead it slows website. To overcome this we would try to be at a point like showcasing your experience and skill this is what visitors searching for.

SEO and Conversion optimized:

We make your design SEO friendly, means the structure, image, keywords all will be optimized so that it will be visible in low competition keywords so that it gets some visitors and customer. Plus, we implement some conversion optimization tactics in image and buttons.


Everyone does not use a computer to surf the internet, most of the searchers use the mobile phones or tablets to visit any website. That’s why, your website should be responsive to make it friendly to any size if the device, also searches engines values responsive website.

Story Telling:

The intent for your designing website is to tell about you, your product and service and tell story about your brand. We develop a distinctly outlined methodology to understand your business, your competitions, mission, expertise, and objectives. This helps to convert visitors to engage and turn into paying customers. This is the modern brand marketing tactic which we can serve you with and guide you to reach and connect with prospective clients.

What Is Included With Our Designs?

You can add unlimited pictures and delete it yourself or you can approach us. Showcase your products and work portfolio with your pictures.

Google Maps embeds:
In case if you want your customers to reach you, you can include the direction. For that, we embed Google Maps on your website which shows your actual address.

Free Domain name:
We give a free domain name for you that will be registered under your name and full control of that.

Email Accounts:
Get the custom email accounts with separate mailboxes for a different department.

Contact form:
If the visitor finds the services relevant to their searches, make them easy to reach you adding a contact form.

Social Media Integration:
If you want your visitors to direct towards your social media pages and buttons to make easy to share.


If you want us to do following things, there would be an additional cost.

Spam and Virus Protection:
We protect your website from spam attacks and hackings by covering with a shield of our technical skill.

Search Engine Submission:
We generate and submit a sitemap and inform your website found on each and every search engines found in the universe though Google is king.

Google Analytics and Webmaster tools:
We also integrate the Google analytics and webmaster tools to track how your website is performing, numbers of visitors it is getting and more.

Meta Data Implementation:
We apply basic SEO targeting keywords in meta tags so that it will be easy to get recognized by the search engine and users too.

Image optimization:
In order to make your site load fast, we use some of our techniques to lower the image file size.

Our content writers can write the text content and graphics for you in services page. We just need some outlines from you.

If you think your site is outdated or not better than your competitors, then no problem. We can update the thing you want or an entire website.


There are some of the things we don’t think as compulsory. They are advanced features and not required for each and every website.

  Shopping cart:
This what we include in e-commerce websites only. You just need it if you sell products online otherwise for services just a contact form works. We include better-optimized cart which can hold an unlimited number of products.

Advanced Analytics:
We include basic analytics for each and every website. But for the website which sells one or multiple types products or services, we integrate advanced analytics metrics tracking goals and audience behaviors and call tracking if needed.

We also include basic SSL certificate for your sites which encrypts your customer information safe. If you need more security we also can help you with advance or organizational and extended SSL.

CMS is an editable website. If you want to change or delete anything yourself easily. No need to learn to program.

Payment Gateway Integration:
Its also mostly for the online sellers, who want to allow buyers to charge online either through services like Paypal or credit card or another way.

Why Choose Traffitise

Traffitise has the creative web designers to help your business & businesses like yours. That’s why the design works we do, you will find single piece over the internet. Because we hate duplicating others ideas which will waste our creativity.

Better than your competitors:
We are always sure that we will come up with something best than your competitors. It is not the only website it’s about all; the conversion, engagement, customers it generates etc. So, from design layout to conversion, no competitors would be better than that.

Advice and Consultation:
If you have not any idea to fix errors and grow traffic, at that time you can call Traffitise. We put our time to analyze it and give some advice to you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
All the works we do is through experts, so our work is always out of the mistakes. We are able to deliver what they want and expected and high-quality without any doubt, that we are sure you will satisfy which is always guaranteed.

Best Customer Support:
We give more priority to our clients than others even ourselves. When it comes to the customer support or helping customer. we just stand out on that. Our expert  Web Designers of Toronto and sales team are always ready to help you. What we need is your shout out.

Let’s tell your brand story to the world? Wanna get started?

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Edmonton, AB

Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is a major Canadian city along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. It’s a dynamic metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers, all dwarfed by the iconic, free-standing CN Tower. Toronto also has many green spaces, from the orderly oval of Queen’s Park to 400-acre High Park and its trails, sports facilities and zoo.

Our Approach

Our approach is to go back to basics and work out what our clients – and their users – actually need to do. We build these from the ground up, using industry standard development frameworks so it’s perfectly tailored to your needs and sustainable in the long term.


Define objective brand analysis, keyword research and positioning strategy.


We settle on some initial design drafts for your website and choose one concept.


To make the content, information architecture, visual design all work and function together.


Our Expert Web Designers and developers team is always available for any updates you may need.

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